Weeknight Dinners: Arroz con Pollo

I am not a Wednesday person.  I used to love Wednesdays; Wednesdays meant the week was halfway over, Friday was on the horizon, and the weekend was looming right after that.

Now, Wednesdays mean I have to work late, which means cooking is always a tight squeeze.  Grump grump.

Tonight was made particularly sticky by the fact that my sister’s shifts got screwed up (boo), and my dad was working late (double boo)– but that all added up to something that was wonderful, against all odds.

I’ll be frank: I got extra time to cook.  Which means I could make that most beautifully time-consuming delicious pot of Spanish goodness that is arroz con pollo.

arroz con pollo

This is one of my family’s (and mine!) favorite recipes, snatched shamelessly from an episode of America’s Test Kitchen (because Chris Kimball knows what’s up).  It’s rich, it’s loaded with vegetables, and it’s an excellent go-to one-pot dinner– except for the fact that it takes a lot of time and in my experience an acute awareness of said time, it’s pretty much perfect in every way.

Did I also mention it’s delicious?  Because it is.  We fight over the leftovers.

First, the chicken gets marinaded in vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, and oregano.

arroz con pollo: marinade

Next, prep everything else.  This is vital for making arroz con pollo when you’re on a wacky schedule; make sure everything is ready so you’re not running around trying to chop pimientos while your rice is burning away in the oven.



Here’s where I got to wait and do work-things.  5-5:30, best half hour of my lifeee–

–okay back to cooking.  Chicken gets seared, and the vegetables sautéed.


Add liquid and simmer; add rice, and hit the toasty oven.

I love that container now, but it used to scare the pants off me.

I love that container now, but it used to scare the pants off me.


Once that cooks forever, you get to do my favorite part– pulling apart the chicken!

Forks are your friend.

Forks are your friend.

Toss the chicken with pimientos and more cilantro than your body has room for, and you’re all set to eat your heart out.

IMG_0100No recipe tonight because tired pup is tired.  It might make its way up here if I feel motivated tomorrow, but just google around a little bit for the ATK arroz con pollo recipe.  I added celery tonight and did things a little out of order; the results were awesome, but the base recipe is just as delicious as is.


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