St Pat’s Part 1: Carbomb Cupcakes

One of my favorite English professors in college is seeeriously Irish.  He rants for the Celts, rages at everyone else, and speaks Gaelic.  One of his favorite things to tell (and re-tell) his students is a game of his; when people meet his Irishness with any sort of cutesy/endearing reaction, he’ll fire off something in Gaelic and they’ll smile before walking off.

He tells them he said “may the road rise up to meet you”.  What he told us he actually says is “may the road rise up to meet your face”.

I think he’d like these cupcakes, bitter though he is.  He’d probably bust my ass for still not using Irish whiskey, but Lou, I still don’t have any.  Feel free to share, though.

Cute little buggers!

Cute little buggers!

The best tip I can give anyone on eating an Irish carbomb cupcake is to eat it like you would drink a carbomb.  (Crazy, huh?)  The cake is reeeeally rich with Guinness, and the ganache filling is just bitter chocolate and whiskey.  The frosting is super sweet, though, and the Irish cream kind of helps smooth it out; if you get everything in one bite, it’s fantastic.

Not unlike a carbomb.

Not the firey kind, though.

You know what I mean.

Baking prep started super early yesterday.

Yum.  Booze at 10 AM.

Yum. Booze at 10 AM.

Because St Patrick’s Day weekend.  This is to be expected.

Guinness, butter, and chocolate.

Guinness, butter, and chocolate.

This was definitely one of those ‘well let me just test this to make sure it’s good’ recipes.  A, because everything was delicious and mostly loaded with chocolate, and B, because remember this joke?

I say again: St Patrick’s Day.

Fresh from the oven!

Fresh from the oven!

Once the cakes were successfully baked and cooling, it was ganache time.

There's that Wild Turkey again.

There’s that Wild Turkey again.

I swear to you, we will finish that bourbon by the end of the weekend.  By hook or by crook.

Probably via my mom and me doing actual carbombs with it later today.

Is that weird?

With everything cooled, the process of filling began.

Alcohol count: 2/3.

Alcohol count: 2/3.

The recipe I was working off of said to fill the cupcakes ‘with a pastry bag with a wide tip, or your finger and a spoon’.  Guess which option I went for.

And then the last step, frosting.

Some of that Irish cream went straight into my mouth, too.  Sue me.

Some of that Irish cream went straight into my mouth, too. Sue me.

This was actually the easiest buttercream ever, and I might start replacing my usual buttercream for this method– especially when I need a smooth, flavored frosting.

We're working on the frosting skills thing, really.

We’re working on the frosting skills thing, really.

Voila!  Top with green sanding sugar (or white sugar that’s been shaken in a tiny jar with a few drops of green food coloring, as I did) and you’re good to go!

Part 2 of Irish Cooking Day is calling me from the oven, so I’ll leave you with a link to the printable of the recipe I used rather than a typed-out version.  The only adjustments I made were in the frosting; I used half the butter and two cups less powdered sugar, plus an extra tablespoon of Irish cream.  But I would probably kick up the quantities of all to get better frosting-to-cupcake ratio if I were doing this again.

Here’s the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.  And I’ll be back later with more Irish goodness (and probably declining typing skills..)


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