Tuesday Things

Yeah, okay, I’m making a lazy man’s post today.

Shuuush.  My sleep schedule is still really messed up.

First things: you’re all missing out on the deliciousness that is my family’s corned beef recipe.  I’M SO SORRY.  I meant to write up a post for it yesterday and get it up on the blog last night, but my Monday had other plans and that seriously, seriously did not happen.  And now it’s Tuesday and you can’t post your St Patrick’s day dinner two whole days after St Patrick’s day, that’s just tacky and way behind the ball, especially since the rest of the food blogosphere has been posting their St Patrick’s day recipes for the past month.

Maybe next year.

Instead you’re going to get a slight ramble about the snow (HELP ME) and how poorly I’m coping with it.  And possibly just some things I’m thinking this week.

1. The maesters need to get their shit together with those white ravens.



All that up there was grass yesterday.  This morning I lost feeling in 8 of 10 fingers cleaning my car off, because I couldn’t find my gloves being as I had put them away from the season.

Petulant child time: I. want. spring.

2. These guys can’t go away soon enough, either. 

Blech. Cadbury eggs.

Which means Easter is a rough time for me in the blogosphere: everyone seems to think Cadbury eggs are the greatest of things (and their mini counterparts, double blech) and bake them into everything.

To each their own, I know.  But ew.

When Easter passes and it’s time to retire these little nuggets of nastiness for another year, I will be so, so excited.

3. Cannoli ice cream is pretty delicious.

Would it be good ON a cannoli? Probably.

I’m not saying it’s about to become my new favorite ice cream ever (because Hood Light Under the Stars is a real tough act to follow if you’re me) but I’d definitely eat it again.

Might not get the chance since limited batch (c’mon, B&J, just do us a favor and keep it around), but whatever.  Que sera, sera.

4. and Easter M&Ms are the best M&Ms.

Such a sucker for pastels.

See?  TASTY Easter candy.

That’s all you get because my work mountain is becoming more mountainous, but I just wanted to stick my face in your face before you forgot about me.  Recipes will resume tomorrow (fingers crossed); in the meantime, have a good (if snowy) Tuesday, all!


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