I LIED. And a useless post is useless.

This is the only way to express how I feel about the Situation that is my week.

I got out of work an hour late yesterday (which is an hour more that I get paid, win, but my life hated it) which meant I went to the gym late, got home at twenty after four, and then had more to do for work.

My mom made dinner last night, while I sat in a ball on my bed and solicited people.  And as tasty as everything looked, my stomach said ‘NGHHHH’ in it’s typical reject-all-schedule-change style, so I just kind of pushed it around a little bit and whined internally about the fact that I wasn’t hungrier.

I PROMISE.  At the very least you’ll get something tasty to look at this weekend, since I have a special bake planned.  I can’t make any guarantees about the rest of the week, though, so I might just keep popping in here with random shit that is mostly just random and then crying for a little while that my afternoons have been eaten.  Completely.

Stupid work.  Couldn’t even watch Hell’s Kitchen.  ksjf;aldgkjboaeidgtrf.


2 thoughts on “I LIED. And a useless post is useless.

  1. I like your random thoughts post…no, don’t get me wrong, I feel bad that you’re not feeling happy. But at least, it’s not worst than what it is, right? I totally get how you feel when I look at the face of the kitty. 😛 I like your post because you’re being honest, and share with us what’s happening. It’s a way to let things out, better than keeping all the negative thoughts all to yourself. (hahaha…I sound like a counselor, don’t I?) Anyway, hope you’ll have a better week and I look forward to your baking post…if it happens. No pressure.

    • Aw! You’re too sweet, hon. My week is already perking up, I think this was just a little week-rut that I needed to get over. And I will not lie, this comment helped with the smile-bringing. 🙂
      Baking will go on! By hook or by crook. Thank you for thinking of me, peach!

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