Friday Five: March 22nd



I am really good at posting things that aren’t recipes this week.  But don’t worry, you get another one tomorrow.

And hey, this non-recipe post is fun!  And to make up for the fact that I have BARELY talked about food all week, I’ll be making it super food-centric (or at least blog-centric) with only oneee tiny little exception.

You’ll forgive me.  I know you will, you’re good like that.

1. Black Jelly Beans

Who knew? Apparently, everyone.

Who knew?
Apparently, everyone.

Proof positive that a, my taste buds are getting more open-minded in their old age and b, sometimes when enough people tell me something they actually turn out to be right.  I was the head of the Black Jelly Bean Haters Club until about a week ago, when my family busted them out and I thought ‘eh, I like asparagus now, why not black jelly beans?’

And a whole world of opportunities opened up to me.  Licorice flavor, as it turns out, is delicious.  Now that I know that, I’m super stoked to try Italian anise cookies again and love them this time around.

2. Irish Soda Bread + Guinness + cheese

ngg all that baked cheese.  Be still, my taste buds.

ngg all that baked cheese. Be still, my taste buds.

True story: the ugliest bread in the known universe is also one of my all-time favorites.  And I’m super bummed that it only comes out to play once a year.  And I’m maybe looking to correct that sad fact.

That’s right, folks.  I made Irish soda bread for the doomed-to-be-unposted St Patrick’s Day dinner, and it was delicious.  Possibly the best soda bread I’ve ever had.

That could be due to the half a Guinness and the fat hunk of grated cheddar cheese.  Wine and cheese have nothing on beer and cheese.  Nothing.

Anyway.  We had like a quarter of it left, and I made the excellent decision to add a slice to my breakfast every day.  Delicious life choices are delicious.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

My mom thinks he looks like a dentist in that coat. She’s kind of right.

Did HK come back last week?  Yes.  Does that make this entry slightly less topical?  Yes.  Am I bothered?  Not particularly.

(Neither is Catherine Tate.)

Now, I know it’s kind of formulaic in that Ramsay kind of way.  (You know, how if you watch enough Ramsay shows you can tell what’s going to happen when, who Ramsay’s going to be the most angry at, and make bets about how many scallops are going to be rubbery or how many lamb lollipops he’s going to be able to jam his finger through because they’re so raw.)  But I like getting my Ramsay Shouting fix.  Sue me.

4. the Godly Book of Godliness

Hallelujah choir goes here.

Hallelujah choir goes here.

You’ll be hearing more about this Tuesday (as part of the newly instated Tuesday Things post).  But let me just say that this book is saving my life.  So much that I actually went back to work to pick it up today when I realized I’d forgotten it, because I would have been so out of sorts without it.

5. Bates Motel

I wish I could cue the Psycho theme to play as soon as you scrolled this far. ALAS.

I really, really want to like this show.  And I really, really think I could.  There’s a few things it really has going for it: it’s on A&E, so they can show like whatever they want; Vera Farmiga is the creepiest, so I can totally buy her as Mama Bates.

Things it doesn’t have going for it: Freddie Highmore’s accent.  But his creepy face is working on the Norman front, so I might overlook that.

I’m thinking it could be good.  Like, American Horror Story before they decided to throw themselves off a cliff good, with the horror/mystery/making you like characters you feel uncomfortable liking front (never did I ever think I would sympathize with Norman Bates, let me tell you).  We’ll see.  I’m withholding full judgement, but I’m optimistic.

What are you into this week? 


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