Tuesday Things: the Godly Book of Godliness

If you’ve been paying attention this week (or even if you haven’t, because I’ve kind of been sideways-gushing about this and I haven’t been really subtle about it) you may have picked up on the fact that I have something very, very big and very, very cool for this week’s edition of Tuesday Things.

I would like y’all to meet my Godly Book of Godliness, also known as the Everything Planner.  Also known as the reason I have stopped losing my mind every day.

In the flesh.

In the flesh.

This book came out of two things: last week’s hectic non-post extravaganza, when I couldn’t tell which way was up and sit down long enough to actually write something coherent and containing some kind of food product, and my ongoing spring cleaning project slash long-term effort to get rid of all my college junk and settle back down (which I’m happy to report is almost! done).  I started doing a little bit of research on ways to keep your life organized (not just your shit, though that is equally important and got equal amounts of research) and decided on binders split for different organizational purposes: one for blog things, one for money things, and one for personal things.

I should have known better; I never do these things small.

TT - GodBook, Weekly

The blog binder has become a catch-all for keeping every. single. day. of my life in order.  What started out as a weekly editorial calendar now includes daily components and a weekly to-do list of general projects/tasks.  The editorial calendar has been killer; I can track what’s on the menu each night, mark down which things I’m actually going to take pictures of, and when I’m writing/posting what.  That way I can get posts written a little in advance and just add in the pictures as I get them ready to go, which makes posting on a regular schedule seem a lot less scary.

TT - GodBook, Day

I’m using the Simple Mom’s Daily Docket pages for the dailies, printed double-sided.  The breakdown of each day is kind of perfect, and the little reminders of things to do for yourself and motivating quotes really, really help.  Mostly I just use them for exhaustive lists of things to do/post/errands to run in a day. And I do it in pretty colored Sharpies, because that is how all the best things (especially those with any intent to motivate) are done.

TT - GodBook, to-do

The weekly to-dos are actually my favorite.  They were an after-market addition from later in last week, but the basic gist is that every Sunday night I’m going to round up all the projects, crafts, and whatever else that I want to get done over that week/into next weekend and jot them all down.  That way I can keep track of all the things I want to do in a week, and I have my lists collected together (as opposed to on ten scattered legal pads, which was my system before) and I can easily move things from one week to the next.

Also included: a weekly cleaning checklist, so I can keep my nice pretty room looking exactly as perfect as it is this very second.

The power of organization!

Plus, let’s talk about these calendar inserts for a second:

TT - GodBook, Cal

Look! You can see my birthday!

Yeah.  That’s a calendar that has seasonal veg listed in the top section.  You’re pretty jealous (and you can download it here).

Sorry if this edition of Tuesday Things was a little boring!  I get a little excited about things like organization and office supplies, so when you lump pretty colors in there I get a little crazy and obsessive and feel the need to tell everyone.  But; maybe my spring organizational fest will spark some of you to get on your own organizational projects, eh?  eh?

Mine’s sorting through my college life; what’s your big unfinished project to tackle for spring?


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