Weekend Fail and March Wrap-Up

Happy 31st!  Another month gone.

I never really miss March.  It’s not my favorite month, and most of the time I just see it as something standing in the way of April– which just so happens to BE my favorite month!

April is superb.  The weather generally rocks, stuff starts to turn green, I get to eat cake…

Not too old, though.

April is pretty much the shit.  Other months don’t have nothin’ on April.

But before I get too carried away with myself about how awesome next month is going to be, I’m going to give a really quick round up on this one!  Starting with this weekend, and how it turned into the hugest failure of a weekend ever.

The post I planned for Saturday: how to make the best pie crust, ever.  Running on the success of last week’s fried chicken how-to, I wanted to teach y’all some more skills!  And it was all going really well.  The pie crust looked gorgeous before it went into the oven…

…but I’m not even going to show you the pictures, because a new “fail-safe trick” (I call bullshit) led to the most weirdly shrunken pie crust in the history of pie.   My mom had to save this weekend’s planned pie adventures with a second crust, which means now we have two pies.

We do not need two pies.  Anyone want a pie?  We have one to spare.  It might have a weird crust, though.

Following the massive pie failure, I decided to start rounding up my craft projects for the weekend– starting with the re-pocketing of a pair of cutoffs.

That ended even worse; do not even ask me how but I broke the sewing machine needle with my hand.  And we don’t have a spare, so I have three quarters of one pocket done and my shorts are currently more useless than they were before.

Failure. And pain.

Failure. And pain.  Nice colored pants, though.

So yeah, this weekend didn’t pan out so well.  I did manage to make a pastry cookie thing with the leftover pie crust and that tastes pretty much like a cinnamon roll, which rocks, but other than that..nope.

Now for the March Wrap Up part of today’s post, as promised!

Big one here is that Peaches and Praline was born.  I think that’s the star of the show in itself.  But if stats are more your speed, here’s some of those:

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Thanks for a great month– and I promise, next month will be even better!  Y’all have been wonderful with comments and support, and I’m excited to see how things have grown when the April wrap up rolls around.

Happy Easter– and don’t forget to say “rabbit rabbit” when you wake up!  (Old kid-superstitions die hard.)


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