Tuesday Things: Goals for April, Blog and Otherwise

See? April’s the prettiest. Duh.

Short and sweet; I’m in a crunch for time with catching up on a few general life things and leftover projects.  But I wanted to get my toes in the blogosphere per my Tuesday habit.

And so you don’t forget about me.  That would be unfortunate.

Blog Goals

  • Get back to a more regular posting schedule– 3 per week as an absolute bottom line.
  • Make time to pre-write!  The past two weekends have made this seriously impossible but I need to make it more of a priority.
  • Mingle more!  I feel like a blog island; commenting on other peoples’ wonderful content should be more of a priority for me.  But again, time– so I just need to prioritize it.
  • Uh, maybe finish changing my layout, since I started…and never did anything else after that.  Whoops.

Food Goals

  • Try and make at least three very new things this month!  My dad already suggested cookie cups, and I’m planning on doing puppy chow, but I want to bust out of the box even more.  I’m chewing on the idea of finally trying to tackle croissants, but that depends on the weather we get stuck with.  Any suggestions?
  • Time meals better!  That is something I forever suck at, much as I hate to admit it (even after the twenty million times my mama pointed it out to me while I was timing arroz con pollo improperly, because that seems to be my perpetual downfall) but it’s definitely something that will help with the content-for-posting thing, if I’m not mental with the prep while I’m thinking that I should be taking snaps of said prep.

Life Goals

  • Reorganize my Pinterest boards!  This is something that’s been bounced from to-do list to to-do list for weeks, but I need to really do it.  I feel like my life will thank me.
  • Work on being a skin color other than pasty.  I can do that.  I can totally do that.

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