Friday Five: SuperFoods

We made it.  It’s Friday.  Congratulations.



And today is a very special Friday, indeed.  Today is Friday, May 3rd, and later today Robert Downey, Jr. will be parading around on a large (IMAX-sized) screen in front of my hubcap-sized eyes.

If you need me, I’ll be fangirling.

I have a tendency to get really exited about things that are comic books.  Adding Tony Stark aka my spirit animal to the mix just makes the combo that much more flail-inducing.  So to honor Tony, have five comic hero based things that are also food (..or drink) related!

#5: These Cupcakes.

Quickly, to the cupcake!

I made these while blogging in another life, and they’re still high on my list of favorite bakes for the past year.  Basically: deliciously magical geeky glory.

Plus, fondant capes.  Fondant capes for victory.

#4: These Cookie Cutters.

I’m really, really incredibly sad that you can’t get either of these sets anymore.  And I’m even sadder that I didn’t get them before they went the way of the dodo.

Curse you, Williams-Sonoma; you make so many great things, yet cause me so much pain.

#3: This Cookbook.

Not gonna lie, I would not have thought to do that without Peter’s help.

If you ever kill your boredom with Cracked, you might have already heard about the Mighty Marvel Super Heroes Cookbook.  Trust me, if I could get this sucker for less than seventy bucks, it would be sitting in a place of honor on my cookbook shelf.

(Apparently, DC was not to be outdone.)

#2. These drinks.

Yeah, these are happening.  All of them.  Rawr.  Tony is clearly not listed because he’s just straight whiskey, obviously.  And Hawkeye wasn’t cool enough for his own drink.


Is it a food?  No.  Do I care?  Also no.  I am a sucker for capes in places that capes don’t truly belong.  ThinkGeek sells them, but they’re understandably sold out right now.

That’s all she wrote!  Have a lovely Friday, everyone.  Maybe treat yo’self to dinner and a movie?

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