HELLO WORLD!  HELLO WORDPRESS!  I’ve missed you both immensely, but I’m glad to announce that after that long and very dumb hiatus, I am going to work towards getting myself BACK IN THE BLOGOSPHERE.

I’ll stop allcapsing now.  The nub and gist is that I’ve had a really rough go for the past month-ish, and trying to blog as much as I was trying to blog was really just taking too much out of me.  Could.  Not.  Do.  It was overexertion on a massive level; I was pushing myself to get out a post every day, when I didn’t have the time or the effort or really the brainpower to make that kind of quota.

So here’s the New Plan: I’ll be pushing for two to three posts per week; even if I can just get out the Friday Five and a recipe, I’ll be calling that a success.  I really want to start getting myself back out there– the writing was really v. therapeutic, when the effort of scheduling it into my life wasn’t driving me to extremes– and I feel like that’s a reasonable way to do that.

I’m also going to be puttering around with a few changes to my social presence; dividing that a little from my blog, as it were.  So keep an eye for updated links on Instagram and things like that– social media is definitely something I want to continue to use, but it has to be streamlined so it doesn’t feel like another “work” aspect of blogging or else I”

True Blood starts on Sunday. Y’all excited yet?



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