Friday Fixins: June 28th

WHAT A WEEK.  I don’t want to be That Blogger who decides to come back with a vengeance and then has to post ANOTHER apology for going off grid, but this week has been kind of a madhouse.  Last weekend we had a big family picnic/reunion, and planning for that took a lot of quality blogging time out of my life.  And on top of that, just when I thought things would be smooth sailing once the weekdays hit– nope.  Business has been slow at work, which means the bosses want us all to Buckle Down and Band Together, which has…just been hell, quite frankly.  But the week is over!  It’s Friday!

(Or…Sunday.  Hush.)

So, your Fixins this week are really just going to be mroe of a weekend roundup– forgive me?  Things have been (good)crazy; the kind of crazy where I’m bummed that I haven’t had time to post, but that means things have been going well.  I had a job interview on Friday afternoon (second round and sounds promising!)  Then I spent the rest of Friday afternoon sort of tooling around Mass., which was good for head-clearing.  Saturday I baked (recipe to come because oh my god) and saw a number of people I haven’t seen in a VERY long time.

Which was pretty damn sweet.

To kick off the part that’s more broadly applicable, have some things I cooked last week in the frenzy!  First, to combat the nasty heat wave NE was dealing with last weekend, foccacia and gazpacho.  Yum, dude.

foccacia and gazpacho

Gazpacho is like the slice-and-bake cookie of the soup world.  You literally just cut up vegetables, toss them into some tomato juice, and call it a day.  What could be easier?

Besides maybe opening a can, but that’s just not any fun.

And remember that thing I told you I baked?  Yeah.  You want some.

heart shaped boxWhat is it?  A surprise, that’s what.  Don’t get greedy on the information, now.  You’ll be hearing about it soon enough.


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