Your humble host.

Your humble host.

Hello!  Saluté, wilkommen, and gi suilon.  Welcome to Peaches and Praline!  I’m Bee, and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.

I’m a 22-year-old writer, amateur chef, and avid baker.  I love to craft, love to read, and love geeking out over things that most people stare blankly at.  My blood type is coffee, and I am essentially Lorelai Gilmore if Sookie could teach her how to cook.

I finished college this past year, and in lieu of writing endless papers (English major) I’ve decided to spend my free time cooking– and sharing the results, along with the stories!  It seemed like the natural outlet, and if I can give someone something to drool over in the process then that’s just an extra + on that A for effort.

My mother’s side of the family is Italian (my dad’s is very Anglo-Saxon, hence the pasty skin you see at left) so food has always been a big part of my life thanks to her.  We cook real food in my family; my dad has a tough-guy attitude about everything (he and I both wrap cuts on our hands with electrical tape) and red-blooded meat-eating non-fussy food has always reigned as king in my house.

We’re a typical country-style American family with some redneck roots– and the recipes I make tend to reflect that.

Warning: this blog is rarely diet (specialty, or just in general) friendly.  I leave that part to you.  But me, I’ll be eating my gluten-laden pie with extra whipped cream.

(That’s a half-lie.  Sometimes I make blatantly healthy things, but it’s really just a coincidence.  I’m just completely shameless when it comes to the unhealthy things.)


What do you do for a living?
I work in an office.  It pays.  That’s really all I ever want to say about it.

How long have you been cooking and/or baking?
A really, really long time.  I was my mom’s sous chef when I was really little, and grew into doing the big-girl stuff pretty quickly.  I cooked dinner on my own for the first time when I was thirteen and my mom was spending the afternoon at the hospital (high blood pressure; she’s fine now).

The rest is history, I guess.

What’s your favorite thing about food?
EATING IT.  Oh my god.  I love to eat; I love the way food makes you feel all warm and cozy and home.  That’s the thing I love most about food.

My kind of food, anyway.  Good food.

What do you have against specialty diets?
Nothing, really, except that I don’t think a lot of them are necessary if you use common sense.  If you have a legitimate allergy to gluten/lactose/whatever it is you’re not eating, you just do your thing.  But I hate that people are making specific foods their enemy.  It’s food scapegoating.  The food didn’t do anything to deserve that.  Don’t hate on it.

Vegetarianism and veganism and I have a whole other band of oppositions; we’ve raised animals for meat since as long as I can remember, so meat eating is pretty deep in my bones and I will never, ever be able to understand how people can give it up.  But again, if you can back up doing it– and don’t jump down my throat for my choice to eat meat, which is just as valid as your choice not to– I’m not going to get on your back.  Doing it for fad reasons or with the aforementioned fanaticism are the only situations where I get a little hinky.

I’m sure all the recipes I post here can be made into friendlier versions for all you specialty-diet folks; I’m just leaving that responsibility to you.  /shrug

What about dieters/the weight conscious?
See again the part about common sense.  You should know what you’re eating and trust that a cookie isn’t a diet-friendly option, not try to twist that cookie into something you can rack up good Weight Watchers points on.  That is not how you food.  Food is something you enjoy, not something you flip your lid over whenever you accidentally consume an extra gram of fat.

What kind of camera do you use? /asked all the snobs ever
I just recently bought a Canon T3 as my present to myself for graduating early, so most pictures will be taken with that.  Sometimes you’re left up a creek without a DSLR, though, so you’ll probably be seeing some cameraphone snaps thrown in there too.

Whine.  How can you eat how you eat and still be a twig? /asked all of my friends
If I knew the secret, I’d tell you.  I’m chalking it up to a family history of a fast metabolism, liking fruits and vegetables, and going to the gym five days a week (and I feel the need to defend that in light of everything I’ve just said by saying I do it because otherwise I wouldn’t sleep ever).

But seriously, I actually do not know.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Bee! Thanks for following my blog. We have so many similarities. Pasty white, cooking as a hobby, sometimes less than thrilling job, being a gym junkie, being skinny despite high cal foods. I am subscribing to your blog as I type. Can’t wait to see what else you post. PS Where do you live now? I like to have an idea of location because it really influences your cooking style.

    • Of course! Birds of a feather sticking together, or something. Right now I’m in Connecticut, but my cooking influences tend to stray. Quiiite a bit. (:
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to seeing what you post in the future, as well.

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