Friday Five: June 14th



I’ve missed writing these!  But I’ll probably be revamping the logo for the future.  FYI.

(Because your investment in these things is great and powerful, I know.)

In advance; I’m apologizing for this being The Longest Friday Five Ever.  I’m blaming writer’s withdrawal, or maybe just having a lot of juicy stuff to talk about this week.

1. Graceland

Graceland airs Thursdays at 10 on USA

We’ll start with Graceland.  My family were huge fans of Rescue Memostly because Denis Leary is one of the wittiest pieces of shit ever to walk the Earth.  (Sidebar, I do not even know what it is about him but I would do him in a heartbeat.  Skinny Irish ass and all.  So would my mother.  And incidentally enough, he shares her birthday.)  So when mamabear heard Daniel Sunjata (aka Franco, the token Puerto Rican and general sex machine) was going to be on a show called “Graceland”, she was a little confused.  Mostly because she thought it was going to be about Elvis, and probably because I think she was confusing it a little with Nashville.

Which is totally unrelated.  In case you don’t know, Graceland is about undercover agents who are all working out of one house (…Graceland.  Get it?)  Sunjata plays this Super Agent with a rogue side and some super sekrit something that we don’t know about yet (hey, you can only reveal so much in a pilot).  Aaron Tveit, who I’m seriously regretting never having seen before, is the top-of-his-class rookie who is assigned to him for training– but wait, he’s really there to investigate Sunjata.

It has promise.  It’s from the creator of White Collar, my love for which has absolutely nothing to do with Matt Bomer.  (60% or more of it, anyway.  Honest.)  Either way, I’ll keep watching until either a, it stays awesome, or b, it completely fizzles out (and I continue to watch it anyway because that’s what I do.)

2. Hannibal

Hannibal also airs Thursdays at 10, on NBC. And is not for the faint of heart.

Along the lines of television that I have been completely devouring (I’m hilarious), I give you Hannibal, which I have NOT been able to get enough of.  (Seriously.  This show is sickeningly good.  And so well thought out that it makes your head spin.  And full of little things that just make you go “squee”, like the fact that the episodes are all named after elements of classic French cuisine?  And the fact that the show has a tumblr and it’s actually the best thing ever?  I can’t.  Gold star.)

Mads Mikkelsen is Dr. Lecter, and he’s brilliant in that way he is.  Hugh Dancy is borderline-of-psychopathy FBI profiler Will Graham, who is not only working on a series of murders actually committed by Hannibal at the moment…he also goes to Hannibal for therapy.

Hannibal wants them to be friends.  I think this is a great idea.

The show is pretty brutal, and I’m not sure how Bryan Fuller is getting away with showing this shit on network TV, but I’m super thrilled that he is.  And with the exception of Laurence Fishburne (aka Craterface 2) the supporting cast of characters is pretty damn brilliant.

Also, Eddie Izzard.  I rest my case.

3. Gillian Flynn
You guys are going to think I’m just in super twisted mode right now.  (This is probably not true.)  But aside from being able to construct some seriously twisted stories, Gillian Flynn is an excellent writer and you should give her a look if you’re not finding your usual summer-reading-list fodder to be as gripping as you’d like.


My book club read Gone Girl for our June meeting, and we all loved it.  I foisted it on my mom, and she loved it.  Everyone I have talked to who has read this book has loved it.  (That could have something to do with the fact that it’s really, incredibly well crafted.)  I’m not going to tell you a peep about it because I don’t want to spoil anything (and trust me, you don’t want me to risk that) but basically just find it, read it, and come back to smash your fingers wordlessly against the keyboard in a comment or something when you get to The Twist.

After we both loved GG, my mom went ahead and requested Sharp Objects and Dark Places.  I gave her a dose of “but mom, I’m already reading another really excellent book and I’m getting back to Infinite Jest after that and when am I going to have time to read these things?”

I’d forgotten something in the weeks since finishing Gone Girl: Gillian Flynn is an amazingly compelling storyteller.  I started Sharp Objects Wednesday at work; I was finished by Thursday night.

Not a big.

I probably would have been done faster if I hadn’t had to, you know.  Work.

TL;DR: check this woman out.  Doctor’s orders.

(Sidebar #2: I would suggest reading them in publication-order, not because there’s any continuity or chronology to think of but because her writing builds so much.  The difference is hugely noticeable between SO and GG; they’re both fantastic, but SO has a much more subdued punch (and this one I actually saw coming, thanks to more overt clues.  GG is like GJAE;ROIYJHROT out-of-nowhere-you-expected) and I think letting your experience unfold with her development as a writer would be a good way to tackle these.)

I’ll stop writing about things like an English major now.

4. Sirens

Oh, E4. You so rarely fail me.

If you’re currently going through some Red Wedding PTSD (because that shit was as hard to watch as it was to read), may I direct your attention towards the gentleman pictured above: Richard Madden, our favorite late-great-King-in-the-North.

(May he rest in peace.)

Sirens was sadly shortlived, but it’s good comedic fodder in that crass-buddy-E4 way.  Madden and Company are a team of EMTs, and the show chronicles their antics on the job and off.  It’s a bit silly, but in a good time-wastey way with just enough heart and just enough time spent on the Big Questions to keep it engaging past that point.

Plus, Madden.  But we covered that.

I’ve been rewatching it as filler in the mornings, so I’m remembering that it’s actually a pretty decent show.

(Sidebar #3: it’ll be brought to the US next spring, thanks to Denis Leary (who is a huge softy for emergency services, if you couldn’t tell) and USA.  I’ll forgive you if you wait until then to check it out.)

5. True Blood

The wait is over, Truebies: season six starts Sunday!

I’m excited.  I want to see what’s up with Billith!  I want to know what’s going to happen with Jason and Jessica!  I want to see Niall!  I want to see Skarsgård again!  And Alcide ripping off his shirt for no reason!

Sue me.  Sometimes, I’m a really simple creature.

What have you been into this week– and what are you looking forward to over the weekend?

Friday Five: April 12th



Remember when I did the five food trends I didn’t get and promised I’d get to five that I think are pretty great?

Guess what we’re doing today.

1. “Beer as an Ingredient”


I’m sorry, was this not already a thing that everyone acknowledged should happen, always?  Beer is like one of the best things to cook with, ever.  End-of.  Braises, stews and slow-cooks, they all benefit from the addition of beer.  Chicken is best when beer roasted, and most meats don’t suffer.  Hell, if even cake is made better by the addition of beer, that is a sign.

Rule of thumb: if a recipe says to add wine, add the same amount of beer and drink whatever’s left over.  You’ll be a happy camper.

2. Bourbon

I promise you I’m not an alcoholic.  But on the coattails of the overwhelming Southern-food-love that’s been sweeping since the end of last year, I was real excited to find bourbon making food trend lists!  I’m mostly a beer girl, but if I have to pick a liquor I’m picking whiskey and if I’m picking my whiskey, I’m picking bourbon.

I love it by itself, but cooking with bourbon is a good second-best.  It lends itself to all of the above things that beer does, and then goes the extra mile and makes so many sweet things great, too.

And, you know.  The drinking.  That’s pretty good too.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that breakfast is the best meal, ever.  That’s why brunch was invented, because people couldn’t get enough of how awesome breakfast was and they wanted an excuse to eat it more than once in the same day (citation needed).  Breakfast is God’s gift to consumables.  You can eat all of my favorite things at breakfast, and the ones that you can’t eat at breakfast?  Whatever.  I can live without them.

(Besides: name one.)

I’m eight different kinds of excited that breakfast is getting its day in the sun.

And yes, there are eight different kinds of excited.

4. Artisan Bread

As much as I hate slapping the word ‘artisan’ on anything and calling it a day, I actually really do like artisan breads– because artisan breads are really just fancy breads with nice flavors and generally better grains.  So if succumbing to the vile ‘artisan’ trend in this instance means being able to have delicious bread all day every day (even when I don’t have the time to make it myself), then I think that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


5. Veg Trends: Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts

MORE OF THESE IN MY MOUTH, PLEASE.  I have an unhealthy love of both of these vegetables, no matter how much that love may have been overshadowed in the past month by my newfound ardor for celery.  I’m one of those weird people who liked brussels sprouts when they were a kid, so I’ve pretty much always been pro-sprout.  And cauliflower?  Who in their right mind could not love cauliflower?

And that concludes my Friday Five, known for the day as “Bee gushes about things she likes that she is glad other people appreciate”.  Now it’s your turn: what food trends are you into this year– and which could you leave behind?

Friday Five: April 5th



So, let’s be real: I’ve kind of sucked this week when it comes to making contributions to the blogosphere.  It’s not because I don’t love you guys (because I love you guys a whole lot!); it’s not because I didn’t plan (oooh, did I plan); and it’s not because I got side tracked with easier distractions (puhleze, AC3 has been sitting on my game shelf since December.  I just don’t have enough time).

What happened was a result of two things: firstly, my epic fail and ensuing injury left the middle finger of my left hand wrapped in masking tape until about Tuesday, which made it seriously hard to type.  I was reduced to hunt-and-peck, where I hunted all of the letters but still managed to only peck “r”.  But after my redneck dressing was cleared to be removed, things…

..well.  Things just got real busy.  So I thought I’d take this week’s Friday Five to tell you about them (because some of them were kind of neat!) and leave you with very non-empty promises to be back next week in full force with all of the recipes.

1. I got halfway cleared for an ambulance ride-along! this fat bastard. I probably shouldn’t call it that to anyone’s face, though.

The ambulances my sister works on are really, really hard up for volunteers, and I’m…curiously, very tentatively entertaining the idea.  Very, very tentatively.  But concretely enough to take the bloodborne/airborne pathogens class (Monday night) and get CPR certification (tomorrow) so that I can ride along in the rig with her for a day and hope something gory happens.

And then hope I don’t puke.  But if I do, now I’ll know what to do about it.

2. We got chicks!

They're so sweet. I can't even.

They’re so sweet. I can’t even.

We used to be better about keeping chickens at my house, because fresh eggs rock.  But after a rash of brutal slaughters-by-coyote (that ended with me making friends with a dead shecoyote that I decided to name Bob (don’t ask, I was an odd ten year old)) we gave it a rest for about ten years.

The chick-draught is finally over!  We have three little chirping darlings in the kitchen right now; since I’m the only one who cares enough to name them and be clever, they’re called Violet, Sunny, and SheKlaus.

I’m hoping their lives go better than those of the Baudelaires, though.

3. I joined a book club!

Well.  Technically I joined a few weeks ago, but the book club met, which was great.  The girls all seem really sweet so far, and I’m so excited to have somewhere I can read and just be silly with actual people my age for an hour every now and again.  I got home and my mom was like “did you make any friends?”

I am not the speed-friender, mama.  An hour is a little short.  But I made contacts with ladyfolk, so at least there’s that.

Plus, the book suggestions.  They are so far off from my norm, but I’m loving them so far.  My to-read list just like doubled.

4. I cooked, honest!

I don’t have pictures of any of it, or instructions or thoughts or all those nifty things you get when I post something in long-form.  But what I do have are some recipes, so I’ll share those with you since I’m in suck-mode right now and it’s the best I can do.

  • Chicken with Kalamata Olives and Artichokes – Food Network Mag March 2013.  I can’t find the recipe to share, but if you have the mag try it!  Either use a little less liquid, though, or reduce it down a bit more; ours was a little too sloppy for us.
  • Chicken and Broccoli adapted off of this recipe with cauliflower fried rice – so good!  The chicken cooked to the perfect texture; I’m not sure if that’s due to the quick marinade or the cornstarch, but either way it was so perfectly reminiscent of takeout and  couldn’t believe it.  

5. I planned for next week!  

I hate (we’re talking a special level of hate here, the kind generally reserved for Subarus) that I’ve been so bad about posting this past two weeks, and I’m going to make every effort I have to turn that around.  I have a plan for next week, posts to write over the weekend, and things to do to fill the week after!  Kind of a crummy start for April, but there’s nowhere to go but up?

Something like that.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!  Doing anything special to revel in the nice(ish) weather?

(For me?  Sitting outside in shorts reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  I can’t wait.)

Friday Five: March 29th



Okay, how sad is this: there aren’t five things that rocked my week hard enough for me to write about them.

Yeah.  It was sad.

I’m saving the two pretty damn awesome things that DID enter my life this week for next week’s Friday Five, so we don’t risk this happening again, but I have a twist for this week and it calls for audience participation!  So I guess that’s a win, in a weird way.

Welcome, then, to the Inverse Friday Five– five things that kept me puzzled this week (or ever) as far as the food community is concerned.  These are five Real Big Trends in the food world right now that I..have just completely missed the ‘why’ of, and I’m hoping that in posting them I can get some sweet and gentle reader to explain their mystique to me.

Or something?

Let’s count ’em down!

1. Matcha powder

from Tumblr.

When I was in high school I hosted a Japanese exchange student (shoutout to Keiko!) and she made us green tea from matcha powder.  This is coming from somebody who likes green tea, but I have to tell you that it was one of the most disgusting things I have ever had the misfortune to drink.  Blech.  I can’t– it was just not good.

We still have the rest of the matcha powder sitting in a cabinet somewhere, should anyone decide they want to repeat that unfortunate experience (unlikely, we all had the same reaction) but the fact that I keep seeing recipes with matcha powder everywhere got me thinking about it.  What’s the fascination?  It’s a pretty color, but so is gasoline. And I still don’t want to drink it.  Or put it in my cookies.  Or my anything.

2. Artisan salt

from the great Google, origi. Sur La Table.

The first time I saw the words ‘artisan salt’ in a blog post, I honestly sat their reading the same line about twenty times to make sure I wasn’t crazy.  It’s salt.  There is no need to get fancy with it.

3. Chia seeds

from Tumblr.

Chias are a pet, thanks.  What do chia seeds even do?  Because I”m really lost on this one.

4. Taking Pictures of your Oatmeal/Other Healthy Breakfast Product

Case in point: this was tagged ‘yum’. I..what?

More of a foodie trend rather than a food trend, but bear with me.  And bear with the fact that I’ve done this once or twice- but I did it for photochallenges.  I.E. when the prompt was “chip”, I snapped my cottage cheese because I negate the health value of cottage cheese daily by adding chocolate chips.  And then I tagged it for the photochallenge!  I didn’t tag it foodporn.  Because that’s not foodporn.  Breakfast foodporn is a stack of waffles layered with bacon, with a mini ice-cream-scoop of butter and like six tablespoons of syrup on top.

Not your quinoa porridge.  Your quinoa porridge doesn’t have nearly enough bourbon maple syrup on it.

5. Smoothies as Vegetable Replacements

from Tumblr.

I’m not attacking smoothies, here, just to be clear!  Smoothies are in general delicious and wonderful and if they get people to eat (drink?) more fruits and vegetables then I’m all for them.  This is actually more of a rage against the guys I work with and people like them.

The guys I work with talk about Being Healthy and ways you can protect your body against crazy shit.  Mostly this boils down to Jason talking about how much of this shit he takes in a day, but the other day they were talking about how you can cram a bunch of healthy shit into a smoothie and it’s wonderful.

Which is true.  On both counts.

What makes me want to smash my head against a wall is that I have seen these boys eat.  They live on fast food and soda and energy drinks, so drinking a smoothie isn’t really going to hurt them– but it’s completely negated by the rest of the shit they subject their bodies to.  I just want to jump up and shout “if you just ate even a little bit better–” but I don’t, because I know they won’t listen to me.

Sigh.  Sorry that last one became a rant.

Anyway.  Anyone care to drop in and explain these guys to me?  I’d love to hear feedback, especially on the less ranty items (again, sorry!).

Stay tuned next week for actual favorites– and then in upcoming weeks, I’ll go through five food trends I’m pretty stoked about for this year!

Postscript: RIP, Richard Griffiths.  

Friday Five: March 22nd



I am really good at posting things that aren’t recipes this week.  But don’t worry, you get another one tomorrow.

And hey, this non-recipe post is fun!  And to make up for the fact that I have BARELY talked about food all week, I’ll be making it super food-centric (or at least blog-centric) with only oneee tiny little exception.

You’ll forgive me.  I know you will, you’re good like that.

1. Black Jelly Beans

Who knew? Apparently, everyone.

Who knew?
Apparently, everyone.

Proof positive that a, my taste buds are getting more open-minded in their old age and b, sometimes when enough people tell me something they actually turn out to be right.  I was the head of the Black Jelly Bean Haters Club until about a week ago, when my family busted them out and I thought ‘eh, I like asparagus now, why not black jelly beans?’

And a whole world of opportunities opened up to me.  Licorice flavor, as it turns out, is delicious.  Now that I know that, I’m super stoked to try Italian anise cookies again and love them this time around.

2. Irish Soda Bread + Guinness + cheese

ngg all that baked cheese.  Be still, my taste buds.

ngg all that baked cheese. Be still, my taste buds.

True story: the ugliest bread in the known universe is also one of my all-time favorites.  And I’m super bummed that it only comes out to play once a year.  And I’m maybe looking to correct that sad fact.

That’s right, folks.  I made Irish soda bread for the doomed-to-be-unposted St Patrick’s Day dinner, and it was delicious.  Possibly the best soda bread I’ve ever had.

That could be due to the half a Guinness and the fat hunk of grated cheddar cheese.  Wine and cheese have nothing on beer and cheese.  Nothing.

Anyway.  We had like a quarter of it left, and I made the excellent decision to add a slice to my breakfast every day.  Delicious life choices are delicious.

3. Hell’s Kitchen

My mom thinks he looks like a dentist in that coat. She’s kind of right.

Did HK come back last week?  Yes.  Does that make this entry slightly less topical?  Yes.  Am I bothered?  Not particularly.

(Neither is Catherine Tate.)

Now, I know it’s kind of formulaic in that Ramsay kind of way.  (You know, how if you watch enough Ramsay shows you can tell what’s going to happen when, who Ramsay’s going to be the most angry at, and make bets about how many scallops are going to be rubbery or how many lamb lollipops he’s going to be able to jam his finger through because they’re so raw.)  But I like getting my Ramsay Shouting fix.  Sue me.

4. the Godly Book of Godliness

Hallelujah choir goes here.

Hallelujah choir goes here.

You’ll be hearing more about this Tuesday (as part of the newly instated Tuesday Things post).  But let me just say that this book is saving my life.  So much that I actually went back to work to pick it up today when I realized I’d forgotten it, because I would have been so out of sorts without it.

5. Bates Motel

I wish I could cue the Psycho theme to play as soon as you scrolled this far. ALAS.

I really, really want to like this show.  And I really, really think I could.  There’s a few things it really has going for it: it’s on A&E, so they can show like whatever they want; Vera Farmiga is the creepiest, so I can totally buy her as Mama Bates.

Things it doesn’t have going for it: Freddie Highmore’s accent.  But his creepy face is working on the Norman front, so I might overlook that.

I’m thinking it could be good.  Like, American Horror Story before they decided to throw themselves off a cliff good, with the horror/mystery/making you like characters you feel uncomfortable liking front (never did I ever think I would sympathize with Norman Bates, let me tell you).  We’ll see.  I’m withholding full judgement, but I’m optimistic.

What are you into this week? 

Friday Five: March 15th

Ew.  I finished out my week with a doctor’s appointment, how gross is that.

But it’s cool.  I washed it down with ample doses of the following, plus a good swig of southern Irish cream.

2 for 5 at CVS!

I’m really not sure how it’s lasted this long.

1. Easter Candy
If you couldn’t tell from my gushing gushery about Essie’s pretty spring polishes in last week’s faves, I frakking love pastels.  Stick those pastels on the foil wrapper of a little piece of chocolate and you have the ammunition to cajole me into doing your bidding.

2 for 7 at CVS: Reese’s minis and almond Kisses.  I splurged and got them both, because who else is going to get me the contents of an Easter basket at 21?

So. Good.

So. Good.

2. Biscoff
I am really, really behind on the Biscoff bandwagon.  And I’m starting to think I should have stayed off it.  Probably what happened was there was a guardian angel type character keeping me from getting Biscoff for this long, and he met a tragic end the moment before I pulled this stuff off the shelves.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the magic of Biscoff, I’ll enlighten: it’s like if a cookie were made into peanut butter.  None of the nutritional value of protein.  All of the creaminess, and absolutely all of the delicious.

Half of me wants to take a bath in this stuff and die promptly afterwards.  I have a problem.

Such a pro, sifting with a spoon.


3. the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook
My library wants to overload me with my interlibrary loans this week, which is incredibly wonderful but terribly inconvenient being that I just picked up four novels to read.  I have too much to read!  And I feel like that shouldn’t be recognized as a legitimate problem, so you can look shamefully at me now.

I used the Bouchon cookbook over the weekend to make some pretty great brownies, so I’m counting this guy a success already.  I only have it for another week, though, so we’ll see how much baking I can cram in before it has to go back.  And I cry over its loss.

The funny thing is that she just mentioned Seabiscuit in the book. Lols ensued.

4. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Things I did recently: joined a book club of twentysomething ladies who read.  I’m super excited to go to my first meeting, and as a result I’ve been devouring my first read (instead of all those other novels I have; there are now six. Help.)

I’m not generally HUGELY into biographies, but Unbroken is really pretty engaging so far.  It takes you through the life and Olympic career of Louie Zamperini, and all that prisoner-of-war stuff is sure to come once the war picks up.  He’s training for the 1940 Tokyo games right now, and I am just waiting on the edge of my seat for the other shoe to drop.

5. the Skimm
Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been cheating at the news and it is awesome.

Yes, I have time during my day to rummage around the internet and be very well-informed by the time I get home from work.  But I’d really rather spend that time drooling on Pinterest and checking up on my feeds, because…food is pretty tasty, essentially.  Enter Skimm: they send you an email a day with top news items of that day, conveniently linked to source articles for you to peruse at your leisure!  I will never be uninformed again, thanks to them.

Honorable Mention: #6, you guys!
I’ve been at P&P for just over a week now, and I love love LOVE being able to write out little stories about the things I’m eating and my life in general.  It’s great for me, since I haven’t gotten to write this much in ages and the therapeutic factor is a major plus.  But what’s quickly turning out to be the best part is you guys; likes, comments, and follows are not only incredibly encouraging for a fledgling blog like mine, but they stir up the kind of warm fuzzy feelings of knowing that someone is reading and appreciating what you’ve written.  That’s the part of blogging I was most excited to be a part of, and I’m thrilled that it’s taken off so quickly– and it just makes me even more excited to keep on this road with you guys.

So thank you, basically.

Anyway, enough mush.  Regular food blogging commences tomorrow, but in the meantime I’m dying to know…what have you been enjoying this week?

Friday Five: March 8th

A lot of blogs I read and really thoroughly enjoy have a few litle gimmicky things they do that I consistently love, and because I’m jealous they thought them up first imitation is the highest form of flattery, I’ve been inspired to take their seeds of genius and plant them here.

Welcome to the first of these: the Friday Five!

I figure I can come up with five things from any given week that were so awesome/I dug so much that I can come up with two sentences to say about them.  Bonus, if I take pictures of all five it gives me an excuse to practice taking pictures with Bugboy the Snazmonster!

I’m so good at this multitasking thing.  Not.



1. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve
Oh. My. God. It’s winter and my hands are pitching a FIT.  My fingertips are peeling and I don’t even know why, and I’m pretty sure I look like Kevin Spacey in Se7en when he burns all his fingertips off with lye so Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman can’t find his not-prints in the fingerprint-painting behind the real-painting.  This is a chronic problem, and every year I think I try everything to fix it and nothing ever does.


This was an impulse purchase when I was at Target; spoilers, I’ve actually never owned Burt’s Bees ANYTHING before and now I am an absolute convert.  The balm is thick and oily and smells like rosemary and makes my fingers feel like butter.

…in a good way.  That is a thing and I’m not crazy, I promise.

Essie - Lapiz of Luxury

2. Essie’s preeeetty spring colors
Technically, this stuff is from the week before last which is why I don’t have a reference picture of it on my nails (which are currently pigeon-y purple, a good second-best option).  And technically I don’t think it’s even one of this year’s new spring colors, but really.  Who’s keeping track.  It was another splurge, because it’s almost but not spring and goddammit I wanted periwinkle nails.

Plus, I had Extrabucks and a coupon and so it was FREE.  You can’t beat that.

Dunkin' Irish Cream

3. Dunkin’s Irish Cream
Not nearly as good as the real thing, and my mom thinks the coffee tastes like coconut.  But it’s still tasty, and the doughnut is still a doughnut that tastes sort of like Irish Cream.

Okay, yeah.  Sort of disappointing as far as things-that-taste-like-Irish-Cream go, and I could easily make it better if I did it myself.  But I got it on my way back from the gym and my legs were jello and I was a twitchy, sugar-crashed mess, so whatever.  I was happy.

Happy enough to not even care that the kid at the counter screwed up the coffee order big time.  I forgive you for that, East Granby Dunkin’ guy.  Three medium, all Irish Cream, all light and two sweet is a pretty pro order.  You’ll get there.


4. Gilmore Girls
New to my life?  No.  Not by a long shot.  I’ve been watching this show since I was thirteen.  I’m in love with this show.  This show completes me.

Last weekend I started marathon re-watching it, and I haven’t been able to stop.  In the meantime I’ve fallen behind on: the Walking Dead, White Collar, Once Upon a Time, Shameless, and 2 Broke Girls.  

Worth it?  Totally.  I feel like everything is sort of complete now.

I am a sucker for this man

5. Luke Bryan’s new spring break album
It’s that time of year.  Even if it doesn’t look like it it’s spring break time and I don’t even care what the weather has to say, sometime this weekend you’ll be able to find me sitting in the middle of the snow playing drinking a beer with “Take My Drunk Ass Home” blasting in my headphones.

I do what I want.

And that makes five!  Tune in next week for five (hopefully more interesting, sorry) favorites from my week.

Got any tips for next week’s five?  Tell me about the things you’re loving in the comments!